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Nappa leather

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Nappa leather

Nappa gloves men

The leather type we are big fans of: nappa. The reason? Nappa gloves men look very nice. And they are comfortable too, because nappa is very soft leather. Do you choose nappa gloves for men? Then choose soft leather from lamb, sheep, deer or goat.

Why nappa is a good choice

So you are looking for leather gloves. But which ones? Because there are many kinds of leather. Like lambskin or lammy, peccary, suede, deerskin and smooth nappa or in deer look. All are obviously good choices, which is why we have these leathers in our range. But nappa generally lasts the longest. Because nappa gloves men are made of leather that only becomes rough or wears out after a very long time. This is because this type of leather still contains the natural pores. And therefore a good choice for all men who want to enjoy their gloves for a long time.

Nappa therefore lasts a long time. And that is a good thing, because the soft leather makes many men never want to wear any other kind of gloves again. Because these gloves feel soft and flex smoothly. In the beginning, the gloves should be a bit on the tight side. This is only natural, as the leather still has to adapt to your hands. Don't worry, after a few days they will fit like a glove.

There are more reasons why men's nappa gloves are a good choice:

elastic, so easy to take on and off
long-lasting comfort
very long-lasting
Which nappa gloves men will you choose?

Yellow, blue, brown, grey, black or even green. Nappa gloves for men come in all sorts of colours. So whether you're looking for striking yellow gloves or neutral grey ones, with nappa gloves from Laimböck you'll be fine.

Besides classic styles and colours, we also have gloves with quilted patterns, tough leather fasteners with press studs and warm wool knit cuffs. Like chequered or checkered. But we also regularly have dotted ones in our range. Curious whether your favourite is among them? See above which colours are currently available.

Top quality men's gloves from Laimböck

At Laimböck you will only find top quality men's nappa gloves. Naturally, they are available in small and large sizes: from 8 to 12 Don't know your size by heart? Then read our tips on how to measure your glove size. And find out above whether your favourite men's nappa gloves are still available in your size.