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Lammy men's gloves and mittens


Lammy men's gloves and mittens

Lammy gloves men

Get pleasantly warm hands with lammy gloves men. These well-insulated gloves are made of lammy, or sheepskin. Lammy is also moisture-regulating and antibacterial. So your hands are not only protected from the cold, but also from the cold wind.

Top quality lammy gloves men

Your men's lammy gloves can come from different countries. We at Laimböck use only the best lammy from Spain, Portugal and New Zealand.

The New Zealand variety is known as the best. This is because this is where the curly lambskins come from. Those furs are very luxurious because they have the best quality. So they are only used for the most expensive lambskin gloves. Thanks to the strong skin, the curl and the suppleness of the skin, these lambskins are great to work with. And to wear as lammy gloves men.

At Laimböck, you will find men's lammy gloves mainly made from Iberian sheep. They graze in Spain and Portugal and have good furs. We use the best sheepskins for our lammy gloves.

Or do you prefer lammy mittens men?

Our range mainly includes gloves, but we also have men's lammy mittens. Some men prefer a good pair of mittens. They keep all your fingers - except the thumb - together. This may sound impractical if you cycle often, but mittens are warmer than gloves. Ideal during a snowball fight with the kids!

We have men's lammy mittens in different colours and price ranges. The same goes for our lammy gloves. So you will always find a nice pair at a good price. And in your size, of course. Our gloves are available in typical men's sizes 8 to 12, or XS to XXXXL. Still unsure about your size? Then discover our size chart with tips on how to measure your size.

Lammy, nappa and other leather gloves for men

Still doubting whether soft lammy gloves for men are for you? At Laimböck you will find many more leather gloves for men. Including lammy, but also nappa, suede, peccary and deerskin. They all look cool and keep your hands warm. But some people like the very soft suede, for example. Others prefer soft but tough nappa leather. And peccary gloves very rare, so you are sure to impress with those. Deerskin also sounds luxurious, but - especially in terms of price - it is not that bad. So choose your favourite and order your pair of gloves