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Laimböck leather gel

Laimböck leather gloves

Buying a pair of high-quality Laimböck gloves is a good choice!

With proper care and maintenance Laimböck gloves will last for years. This is not only very durable, but also good for the wallet.

Laimböck has developed a leather gel especially for leather gloves (not for suede and lammy). Leather gel cleans and nourishes the leather so that they become dirty and water-repellent again, it gives the leather a lot of suppleness and provides a nice powerful shine.

New leather gloves do not require preventive treatment, fixing or impregnation. However, it is wise to use the leather gel as a care product after or during use of the gloves.

More tips can be found on our care instructions page!

Instructions for use of Laimböck leather gel

Simply apply the leather gel to the leather with a soft cloth or sponge, using circular massaging movements. The leather will regain its original shine and be more water-repellent.

The leather gel is an emulsion of natural materials such as mineral oils, water, carnauba wax (vegetable) and beeswax.

We supply this leather gel free of charge with every pair of leather gloves.