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Ladies car gloves

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Ladies car gloves

Car gloves ladies

A ride in a vintage car, luxury car or convertible is not complete without women's car gloves. They complete the look. But they are also practical. Oldtimers have slippery steering wheels, so you quickly lose grip. Women's car gloves prevent this.

Practical finish

At the top of many ladies' car gloves you will see small holes. This allows them to ventilate better. Especially in summer, you need this practical finish. Instead, do you want to wear car gloves all year round? Then padded gloves are a better idea. 

Women's car gloves without holes generally have a hand crochet upper hand and leather palm. This also creates ventilation.

Leather car gloves ladies

When we talk about car gloves for women, we almost always mean leather car gloves ladies. Because almost all car gloves are made of leather. Even those with a crocheted top. The bottom is then made of nappa leather, peccary, lambskin or deerskin, for example.

Regardless of the type of leather, leather car gloves ladies have several advantages:

grip on the steering wheel
good ventilation of your hands
high wearing comfort
they mould themselves to your hands

Because of these advantages, we regularly see people on mopeds or scooters wearing ladies' leather driving gloves. So you don't have to have a luxury car or oldtimer to wear car gloves.

Wearing ladies' gloves all year round

Are you choosing car gloves ladies for winter or do you want to enjoy the above benefits all year round? Then choose one or more pairs to suit your needs. For winter, padded ladies' driving gloves are the best choice. For spring and autumn, we recommend unlined pairs. And in summer in the convertible? Then of course unlined ladies' gloves are better. You can also choose pairs with or without fingertips.

Discover our versatile range

We have already mentioned which kinds of leather ladies' driving gloves you can choose from. But that is not all. Our range also includes all kinds of colours. Do you go for traditional black, beige or brown? Do you go for luxurious blue or white? Or go for bright, bold colours like green? The choice is vast. Just make sure the colour matches your style and your car, moped or scooter.

Enjoy high quality and good service

From day one, Laimböck has stood for high quality and good service. We have been selling leather accessories, including car gloves, since 1831. And thanks to our satisfied customers, we still exist. Do you also trust our high-quality ladies' gloves for car and winter use? When you buy from Laimböck, you buy directly from the manufacturer. Because that is us. That is why we can offer you fast and good service. Such as ample exchange and return options. And an easily accessible customer service. Moreover, your gloves will arrive on your doorstep within 1 or 2 working days. Bring on the car ride!