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About us

A world of heritage, craftsmanship and inspiration. A passion that has been offering many customers the highest quality leather gloves since 1831.

It is pure craftsmanship that we are happy to introduce and thus inspire you to choose our gloves. We are passionate about paying attention to only the best gloves for women and men in the right quality.

Laimböck is pleased to be able to offer you the collection on our website. The collection has been carefully curated with special attention to reinventing and expanding both our basic and fashion models for both men and women, adapted to the latest trends and colors. We not only strive to inspire you with our website, but also hope to provide an informative role.

Making leather ladies' and men's gloves is our passion and heritage and we are happy to share this expertise with you. Every effort has been made to ensure that the collection is carefully curated to the highest possible quality level.

Laimböck is the leather glove specialist par excellence. Since leather is a natural product, it has its own unique variations, nuances of color and markings. As a result, each couple has its own individual characteristics and natural beauty.

Manufacturing gloves requires a careful manufacturing process and specialized craftsmanship. Each pair of Laimböck gloves is unique and manufactured with care. Below we take you through the various steps of the production process. Selection of leather The choice of material is extremely important, because of the difference in thickness, flexibility and structure of the leather. The best usable leather for gloves comes from countries with a tropical climate and will only be tanned and processed by glove leather specialists.

To cut: the most important and very precise step is to cut the leather and decide which part is suitable for which part of the glove. Each pair of gloves is composed of at least 25 components. Glove makers are also referred to as the watchmakers of the fashion industry.

Sewing: all our professionals have their own specialty, for example making the thumb, the fourchettes or the decorations. After the glove is assembled, the liner is placed inside the gloves. It is important that the liner is properly sewn to the fingertips and closed for the glove cuff.

Quality control: the last step is quality control. This QC inspection is very accurate and when the gloves pass this inspection, they are sent to another department where they are ironed and polished to get the perfect shape and appearance. After this process, the gloves are packed in a moisture-free atmosphere. In this way, the gloves will arrive at their final destination in a perfect fit

Laimböck truly represents the world's best leather ladies and gentlemen gloves and mittens, which we have been producing for many years.

Since there is more that stands out when producing a pair of nappa gloves, or a pair of special gloves, we would like to inform you about the different types of leather we use in the relevant product pages.

Leather is a natural product with special characteristics that makes it comfortable to wear and gives it great strength and flexibility. Being a natural product, with its own unique variations, nuances of colors and markings, each piece has its own individual characteristics and natural beauty.


What choice do you make from our models?

On our website you will find the trusted smooth leather (nappa) gloves for men and women in the common colors black, brown and blue. In addition, various models of men's and women's gloves are also available in more pronounced colors such as red, orange, yellow, purple, et cetera. In addition to black and brown, we also offer several fashion shades in the various suede variants. For lovers of warm lined gloves, there are several examples with pure wool lining.

After selecting women's or men's gloves on the selection menu, a filter appears with the various types of linings on the basis of which a choice can be made. Our lammy gloves and mittens, a natural product with fantastic comfort, are wonderfully warm for the cold winter days. There is a wide choice of neutral colors such as camel, havanna, canvas, gobi, blue, brown and black for both men and women.

There is a wide choice in the classic gloves with hand-crocheted, crochet, top hand made of high-quality cotton. These crochet ladies and gentlemen gloves are ideally suited to wear while driving.

Laimböck has an extensive range of driving gloves for men and women. There are lined models for the winter. In spring and autumn, the unlined ones with or without fingers are very comfortable while driving or on a scooter.

We do our utmost to offer a wide range of leather gloves in every price range. That is our tradition!

For questions you can send us an email or contact us by phone.

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