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Lammy ladies gloves and mittens

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Lammy ladies gloves and mittens

Lammy gloves ladies

Gloves are meant to keep your hands warm. Our handmade lammy gloves and mittens ladies are perfect for that. Lammy is wonderfully warm and protects your hands not only from the cold, but also from the chilly wind. Moreover, lammy has excellent insulating, moisture-regulating and antibacterial properties thanks to its natural wool fleece. It is made from sheepskin, so we do not speak of a lining but of a coat.

Where do my lammy gloves ladies come from?

People have been coming to us for top-quality winter gloves since 1831. But only a few years ago, we started getting the question: where do my lammy gloves ladies actually come from? Well, that question is not so easy to answer. Because lammy comes from different countries. Laimböck selects only the top quality from:

New Zealand

From Spain and Portugal come both lambskins and merino furs. Merino are a special type of sheep praised for their high quality wool. This also explains its popularity in many products. In addition, therefore, lambskins come from it. We use the best of these for our lammy gloves ladies.

Whereas the Iberian Peninsula is known for merino wool, New Zealand is known for curly lambskins. Curly lamb is the highest quality lamb skin. The refinement of the curl, the suppleness and strength of the skin make it possible to produce very refined gloves.

Ladies' mittens or gloves

Are you looking for lammy mittens ladies or lammy gloves ladies? Either way, your hands will stay nice and warm. In mittens a little more, because there all fingers - except the thumb - are together. The gloves, on the other hand, offer more freedom of movement. In our range, you will find various ladies' lammy mittens and lammy gloves. So you really have something to choose from. And also within your budget. Both mittens and gloves are available from €39.99.

Lovely gloves in your style and colour

Are you going for casual, classic or basic? At Laimböck you will find beautiful ladies' lammy gloves in every style. And in different colours, too. From classic black, brown and beige to striking red gloves. Choose your favourite lammy mittens ladies or favourite lammy gloves ladies above.

You can also find other leather gloves at Laimböck

You can also find other leather gloves at Laimböck. We have lammy, but also deerskin, peccary, suede and nappa. The latter is made of goatskin, sheepskin or lambskin. So your ideal women's leather gloves are bound to be among them.