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Peccary men gloves


Peccary men gloves

Peccary men's gloves

Your colleagues, family and friends will all be impressed by your peccary men's gloves. They not only look luxurious, they are. Because peccary leather is one of the rarest, most luxurious leathers you can find. And we make beautiful gloves out of it. So above you can see all kinds of peccary men's gloves. Peccary leather comes from the peccaries, which you might know better as wild pigs or navel pigs. They live in the wilderness of South and Central America. This makes their skin highly sought-after, but also hard to come by.

Peccary leather is known for its blemishes - such as scratches. This gives each pair of peccary men's gloves a tough, unique look. But those blemishes are purely for the eye. This is because the leather is very soft and supple. Two more reasons why this leather is so popular. Moreover, peccary men's gloves are praised for years of wear and are therefore extremely durable.

We therefore make gloves from the popular peccary leather. You can choose from various colours of supple peccary men's gloves.

Always a pair of gloves in your size

Do you have large or small hands? We at Laimböck make our peccary men's gloves in all standard sizes. From 8 (XS) to 12 (XXXXL). So you can always find a pair of gloves in your size. But then you need to know your own size first. We help you with that too: with our handy size chart and tips for measuring your glove size.

High-quality handmade peccary men's gloves

When you choose handmade peccary men's gloves from Laimböck, you choose high quality. Not only when it comes to the peccary leather. But also when it comes to the finishing and fastening of the gloves. Because we do all that by hand. So we can be sure that not only the peccary leather, but also your final pair of gloves are of top quality. And you can look forward to many years to come.

Tip: you can wrap your hands in luxury peccary men's gloves all year round. In summer with car gloves, in winter with winter gloves. So you can dress stylishly all year round.

Leather, leather and more leather

Many people are fans of leather gloves. So are we! That is why our range not only includes peccary men's gloves, but also other kinds of leather. Such as deerskin, lammy, nappa and suede. For animal lovers, we even have vegan leather gloves for sale. In short, there is something for everyone, even if you don't want to go for the very luxurious peccary leather. But you'll still get top-quality gloves. Because that is the core of Laimböck: handmade gloves of high quality.

Does that sound like music to your ears? Discover our luxury peccary men's gloves above or check out the full range of leather gloves for men.