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Cycling Gloves and Scooter Gloves

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Cycling Gloves and Scooter Gloves

Gloves suitable for (electric) bikes, scooters and mopeds

Do you regularly ride a bicycle, e-bike, scooter or moped in autumn and winter? Then gloves are an essential piece of equipment. It provides great comfort and riding pleasure to invest in a good pair of gloves that has all the features needed to brave the cold. Gloves generally provide more grip on the handles of the bike, moped or scooter. This not only improves handling but more importantly; safety!

Selection of windproof and water-repellent gloves

Within the Laimböck range, we have already selected the finest gloves that are particularly suitable for wearing when cycling or on scooter/moped/solex. This selection consists of water-repellent leather gloves. The liners provide good wind protection. There is a wide choice of women's and men's models.

When cycling on a traditional bike, the effort you exert often provides enough heat for good circulation. And this usually makes for somewhat warmer hands. When using a bicycle with electric assistance or while riding a (e)scooter, one notices that the body cools down quickly. This is when using well-lined gloves with, for example, a thinsulate or lammy lining is very pleasant. This insulation keeps your hands warm by keeping the heat inside the glove. Our Vegan leather gloves with touchscreen function for women, model Livigno, or for men, model Pinzola, also feature a fine faux fur lining.

Always suffer from cold hands? Then consider mittens, these are always warmer than gloves of the same thickness and quality.

Gloves provide more grip on the handlebars even in warmer weather

Many cyclists and scooter riders find that it is very pleasant to wear gloves in warmer weather. With sweat on the hands in higher temperatures, you may lose grip on the handlebars or grips. Car gloves then offer a solution, the open knuckles giving extra room for movement. Most gloves without tops have a cushion to absorb vibrations give the steering wheel. Click here on car gloves to see the extensive range.

For spring, autumn and even chilly summer mornings, the unisex model Urban proof active glove made of high-quality breathable lightweight stretch fabric is perfect. These gloves are equipped with touchscreen function, making it possible, for example, to operate the bike computer while cycling.

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