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Suede men's gloves and mittens

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Suede men's gloves and mittens

Suede gloves men

Laimböck's suede gloves for men are very soft to the touch. The reason? Unlike our leather men's gloves, suede uses the inside of the skin. It feels velvety to the touch. This makes suede gloves great to wear.

Padded suede gloves

So all suede gloves for men are soft. And naturally warm. This is partly because we offer all padded suede gloves. These gloves have an extra lining on the inside. Lambskin for instance, warming your hands in soft wool. Other padded suede gloves have microfleece or imitation fur on the inside. These are animal-friendly and nice and warm. Which lining will you choose?

Suede gloves men to suit you

At Laimböck, you will find various types of padded suede gloves for men. But that's not all. Because we have been making high-quality leather products since 1831. We therefore have a lot of experience in making variations. And that's good news for you, because you have more to choose from. So you will always find a pair of suede gloves to your liking. What about the type of lining, for instance? From lambskin to microfleece, your hands will stay warm.

There is also a lot to choose in terms of colour. For example, neutral colours such as black, brown and dark blue. But also striking gloves in yellow or green. So you are sure to find a pair that suits your style.

We always talk about gloves. But you will also find many mittens on our website. Many men choose mittens because they are warmer. So those men can also come to us.

Finally, you may wonder: is my size among them too? Chances are, yes. We offer suede gloves and mittens in the standard men's sizes. These run 8 to 10. In other words, from XS to XL. Is your favourite pair still available in your size? You will see it on the product page. Are you still in doubt about which size to buy? Read here how to measure your glove size.

Order your men's suede gloves directly from the manufacturer

On our website you will find all gloves from Laimböck. So from ourselves, because we are the manufacturer. Although we actually make some of the gloves by hand. This allows us to offer you high quality suede gloves for men. Because we stand for high quality men's gloves and good service. Such as ample return and exchange options. And fast delivery times of 1 to 2 working days. That means your new gloves will arrive before the next snowfall! So order your favourite pair soon and your hands will stay nice and warm.