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Suede gloves and mittens for ladies

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Suede gloves and mittens for ladies

Suede gloves ladies

Very soft leather, that characterises the suede gloves ladies from Laimböck. This is because they are made from the soft inner skin. And that feels really nice on your hands.

Suede, inside out, wild leather gloves.....

What do you call these suede gloves ladies? Most people use suede, which refers to the finish of the leather. From English, you'll also sometimes hear the term "inside out". With suede gloves, only the inside of the skin is used. And that is the case with our suede gloves ladies!

Your new suede mittens ladies

Whether you choose suede gloves or mittens ladies, you will find both in our range. Many ladies choose mittens because they are warmer. But when you need to be able to use your fingers, gloves are more convenient. Think of a bicycle with pinch brakes. That is why we have something for everyone.

And in all sorts of different sizes. From small hands (XS / 6.5) to large hands (XL / 8.5). Not buying one-size gloves for the first time? Then check what size you need first. Use our step-by-step plan to measure your gloves.

Order your ladies' suede gloves directly from the manufacturer

At Laimböck, we make the gloves ourselves. When you order from us, you buy your ladies' suede gloves directly from the manufacturer. And that means fast delivery within 1 - 2 working days. Discover our current range above and choose your favourite. In classic black or striking green, the choice is wide.