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Ladies gloves and mittens

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Ladies gloves and mittens

Ladies gloves and mittens

Women's leather gloves

Leather gloves for women have nice properties to wear and also dress nicely with various outfits. Leather ladies gloves ventilate well and can therefore be used for several seasons. Women's gloves are therefore also worn during various activities. On the bike, walking to the bus or just as a fashion item with your outfit. In addition, the glove protects against the cold and the aging of the skin.

Buy leather gloves for women

Leather gloves for women are all unique handmade products. Each piece of leather is unique and therefore ensures that beautiful appearance. A pleasant fit, chic look and suitable for many occasions, makes the leather ladies gloves the finishing touch of your outfit.

Types of leather ladies gloves

Do you want an affordable alternative to women's leather gloves, but do you want to keep your hands warm? Check out our other options, such as knitted gloves.

Leather gloves ladies at Laimböck

Leather ladies gloves at Laimböck are of the highest quality and always made of genuine leather. We use the finest selection of leather materials for our leather ladies gloves. We have therefore built strict quality control into the production process of our gloves. The process consists of 3 important steps. The first step is to select the leather for the ladies gloves. A glove must have nice supple leather that moves nicely with the movements of the hand. Only the best leather is used for this. Then the leather is cut. As a final step, the leather is sewn to the model of your choice. This can be finished with a crochet overhand to a crochet glove, or simply a leather upper that is lined or unlined.

Top quality leather ladies gloves

Making and developing women's gloves is craftsmanship. The leather is carefully selected and very precisely cut. In this way, only the best pieces of leather are used and the sizing becomes very reliable and precise. The next step, the sewing of these leather ladies gloves, cannot be underestimated. Every step in the process is an art in itself. Of course, an extensive quality check takes place at the end of the process, so that you are always assured of the quality as we intended.

Leather gloves ladies at Laimböck

Leather gloves at Laimböck are of the highest quality and always made of genuine leather. We use the finest leather materials for our leather ladies gloves. Of course we set strict quality requirements for our leather ladies gloves. With its rich history since 1831, Laimbock has developed a craftsmanship that still provides people with the desired quality women's gloves to this day.

Assortment of ladies gloves

In terms of lining, there is a choice of different materials (fleece, thinsulate, silk, lammy, cashmere, wool mix, faux fur, knitted). For lovers of warm lined gloves, there are several models with pure wool lining. After choosing the ladies on the menu, a filter appears with the various types of linings on the basis of which a choice can be made. We do our utmost to offer a wide range of gloves in every price range. That's our tradition!