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Unisex Gloves Model Urban (2 pairs)


Unisex Gloves Model Urban (2 pairs)

Unisex gloves, model Urban proof active, made for everyone from high-quality breathable lightweight stretch fabric. This "all-season" Laimböck model has a perfect fit due to its elasticity and protects the hands against harmful influences. These unisex gloves have touchscreen functionality on the thumb and index finger.

The 'city' gloves are slightly longer than a standard glove, which means they fit well over the wrists. Very lightweight, 50 grams per pair. Washable at 40 ℃ in the washing machine. This elegant, stylish model has Laimböck branding on the collar. These unisex gloves can be used for many purposes and provide a safe and comfortable feeling in public spaces.

We use 2 sizes:

S / M = these are glove sizes 7 to 8,5 (total length is 26 cm.)

L / XL = these are the glove sizes 8.5 to 10 (total length is 27 cm.)

1 set consists of 2 pairs of gloves.