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Buy fleece gloves

When the weather gets colder, it is important to have good gloves at your disposal. When you come into contact with snow, ice or water, fleece gloves are the solution. Fleece is a 100% polyester fabric. This is an artificial fiber.

Compared to natural fibers such as cotton, fleece absorbs almost no water. It does not lubber, it has a smaller packing volume and weighs many times less. Fleece gloves also transport water vapor such as sweat to the outside faster.

Fleece gloves men and women

Fleece gloves for men and women is a perfect means of heat insulation. Fleece gloves contain a 3 layer system. This traps stagnant air. This means you don't get cold hands as quickly in winter. Fleece material also looks very attractive and is available in many variations. In addition, fleece gloves feel wonderfully soft.

Gloves fleece

Fleece gloves dry faster and are extremely durable. But the main advantage of fleece gloves is that it traps air. This means that fleece gloves insulate extremely well. This makes fleece gloves the perfect gloves for winter. If you want to wash fleece gloves, take a good look at the care label. In most cases, fleece gloves can be washed at 30 degrees. Also, fleece gloves can usually be put in the dryer at low temperatures. Fleece gloves should not be bleached, no fabric softener should be used and fleece gloves should not be ironed.

Buy fleece gloves at Laimböck

You can of course buy fleece gloves at Laimböck. We set strict quality requirements for our fleece gloves. With its rich history since 1831, Laimböck has developed a craftsmanship that still provides people with the desired quality fleece gloves, gloves for the car and slippers to this day. Your order is always shipped completely free of charge at Laimböck.