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Peccary women's gloves

Want to impress with your new gloves? Then our peccary women's gloves are just the thing for you. This is because peccary leather is one of the rarest and most luxurious leathers in the world.

What is peccary leather?

The leather of your peccary women gloves is made from peccaries, better known as navel pigs or wild boars. These animals are called peccaries and their leather is called peccary. Peccaries live in South and Central America. In the wild, which makes their leather extra valuable. But also sought-after, because because peccaries live in the wild, peccary leather has a coarse structure with irregularities. This gives these gloves a tough look. Good to know: the scratches and other irregularities in the leather are created during the wild life of a wild pig. That makes each pair of peccary women's gloves unique.

There are black and grey peccaries and therefore also two types of peccary leather. Both are praised for years of wear and are therefore extremely durable. In gloves, however, it is the grey variety that is most common. This leather is very soft and supple. Of course, we dye the leather so that you can get soft peccary women's gloves in your favourite colour.

Peccary women's gloves in your size

At Laimböck you will always find peccary women's gloves in your size. This is because we stock all standard women's sizes. From XS (6.5) to XL (8.5). So there is always a pair that fits like a glove. Not sure what size gloves you have? Then use our size chart with tips to measure your size.

Top quality peccary women's gloves at Laimböck

Your peccary women's gloves should of course be of high quality. After all, then you can enjoy them for many winters. That is why you will find top-quality peccary leather gloves at Laimböck. Moreover, our gloves are handmade, which guarantees the high quality.

Tip: take a look at our car gloves made of peccary leather. Then you will enjoy stylish gloves and warm hands all year round.

Less luxurious leather gloves also available

Are leather gloves really your thing, but do you still doubt whether luxury peccary leather suits you? Then discover our other types of women's gloves. For example deerskin, nappa, suede or lammy gloves. These are all high-quality leather gloves. Because that is what Laimböck stands for: high-quality gloves, handmade with craftsmanship.

Do you also want such top-quality women's gloves? Explore our range above and order your favourite peccary women's gloves.